Snowman Games for Elementary Aged Kids

Snowman Games

Recently, it was pointed out to me that I tend to take my pictures with a vertical orientation. I never really thought about it before now. I just took pictures in a way that worked best inside a 14"x14" box. Since most of my subject matter has height, it makes sense that a vertical picture is what works best. But I was challenged to do an education post with a horizontally oriented photo and here is what I came up with. No matter which orientation you use, size limitations are always a consideration but if your materials fit inside the SHOTBOX, the lighting is superb and you can use whatever backgrounds you like! I used a piece of oak wood as my base and a scrap of wallpaper as my background. You would never know that this was not sitting on my table!

The best thing about this project was that when I finished the photo shoot, my 11 year old and I played both games. He beat me at Seven Snowmen Bump and it was good practice for his math skills. We played our own version of Roll A Snowman since I only printed out one game card. As we rolled the various numbers, we changed where each of the pieces fit on the snowman and made up littles stories for each scenario. Sometimes the carrot was a tooth, a cane, an addition to the hat, and so on. The scarf was also a belt, a whip and a headband. Who knew that a simple little game could be so much fun!

Thanks for the challenge, Peggy Means! I hope that this illustrates what you are looking for!

Go to to learn more about the SHOTBOX.

Photo shot with SHOTBOX and my Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone.

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