Brass Antique Items

Brass Antiques

These are some interesting brass antiques that were passed down from my grandparents to my mom. The largest item is a church collection container. You can see two openings on the top. The larger, rectangular opening was for dropping coins into the pot. The smaller, round opening was for rolling up paper money and adding it to the collection. There is a hinged lid that allows a church official to remove the donations. On the front side, you can a tab attached to the lid and to the main body of the container. This is so that a lock could be placed on the container, preventing people from stealing money out of the collection container. I found it amusing that my grandparents had this item as they were not religious people and were definitely not church goers. My grandmother used to say that she was going to start her own church where her friends would come over and drink together on Sundays. Friendship, laughter and nature was the only "church" that she needed. The collection container is an interesting item and it is typical of my grandmother to have a piece like this as a decoration rather than for it's religious significance.

The candlestick is one that my grandparents would have used in the early days of their marriage, throughout World War II, and throughout their lives for decorative purposes and ambiance. The different segments of the candlestick are screwed together so that it can be easily disassembled for cleaning purposes.

The little box is a cigarette holder. It wouldn't surprised me if my grandfather smoked cigarettes in his young adulthood and during World War II. At that time, it was socially acceptable, readily available and a way to deal with the stresses and pressures of life. When I knew my grandfather, he was a pipe smoker. He would come home from a day of construction or working in his woodshop, turn on the evening news and smoke his pipe. To this day, the smell of a pipe brings me back to my childhood when my sister and I would spend part of our summer vacation with my grandparents.

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