Conch Shell from Grand Turk

Conch Shell

This past Christmas, our family went on an Eastern Caribbean Cruise. What a wonderful, stress free way to spend the holidays! Relaxing on deck, enjoying warm, tropical locations, all the food you could ever want to eat but most importantly, being together! While we were at Grand Turk, we went on a Manta Ray excursion. As part of the excursion, the guides found a live conch and showed us how the locals prepare and eat fresh conch. First, they knocked a hole in the shell with the dull side of a large knife or machete. This released the suction so that the snail like creature could be pulled out of it's shell. From there, it was quite brutal as they cut off the eyes and other organs and killed the conch. Then they dipped the meat in the ocean to rinse it off, cut it up and served it to all those that were on the excursion. I'm not a vegetarian but watching this animal be slaughtered and served in front of my eyes was quite repulsive! I didn't want it's death to be for naught and when else am I going to have the opportunity to try fresh conch, so I took a bite. I can't say that I loved it (mostly because of what I just watched) but it was better than I was expecting. The kids asked if we could keep the shell as a memento of that day and the guides said we could. So now, whenever we see this conch shell, we are reminded of Christmas Eve on Grand Turk...snorkeling, manta rays, searching for shells and sea glass, Margaritaville and eating fresh conch meat!

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Photo shot with SHOTBOX and my Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone.

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