Child's Self Portrait

Self Portrait

My friend's now teenage daughter drew this picture of herself when she was in elementary school. The original has survived years in a storage box but you never know when something might go wrong. There could be a fire or a flood. It could get lost in a move. A younger sibling or a vindictive older sibling could get a hold of the drawing and destroy it. It could be safe in a box but you can't remember which box it is stored in. There are countless possibilities of things that could go wrong. That is why it is so important to preserve precious keepsakes, digitally!

Above you can see the difference that it makes to use a SHOTBOX. The picture on the left was taken in the SHOTBOX. It is crisp, clear, vibrant and full of detail. You can tell that it was drawn with a marker. You can see the green rainbow of glitter glue. This is definitely the kind of quality that you want for digital images of the things that are dear to you. The picture on the right was taken on a counter top. It is blurry and washed out. You can't tell what medium was used to draw the piture. You can't even tell that the writing on the shoulder says, "Cute." While this is certainly better than having nothing, it is definitely inferior to the SHOTBOX picture. So how do you want to preserve your memories and keepsakes? It seems pretty obvious that it should be with the help of the SHOTBOX!

Go to to learn more about the SHOTBOX.

Shot with SHOTBOX and my Samung Galaxy S5 Smartphone.

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My name is Jodie and I am a wife and mother of four. I love to bake, craft, travel, exercise, hike and explore new things. I'm excited to use the SHOTBOX to highlight my creations and to show you how this simple tool can bring light and life to your passions too.

The SHOTBOX is a collapsible tabletop studio that uses high powered LEDs to create a perfectly lit “micro-studio” environment. They are now taking pre-orders to be delivered for Christmas.

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