Button Tree Sewing Projects

Button Tree Projects

A few years ago, my then 9 and 7 years old children participated in a kid's camp. Each day featured a different skill or topic. One of the days focused on sewing. They learned how to thread a needle, do a basic stitch and sew on buttons. At the end of the day, they came home with these adorable button tree panels.

Button Tree Projects

I love how each one is similar but different. They each chose a variety of button sizes and colors and they stitched the buttons on in different patterns which created different tree shapes. My 7 year old son's tree just happened to fit into a standard size frame and I happened to have an unfinished frame in the right size in my craft cupboard. He chose to paint the frame in a bright orange color. I was skeptical about his choice at first because the color is so bold but he was insistent and it turned out great! His button tree picture hangs in his room to this day. My daughter's wider tree did not fit into a frame so we chose some coordinating fabric and made hers into a pillow which sits on a chair in her room. I love that my kids were able to create something that they are proud to display! It makes me happy to see their distinct styles and personalities in these simple projects!

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