LuLaRoe Leggings

LuLaRoe Leggings

I just got back from a girl's weekend with some friends from high school and let me tell you, we had a good time! We talked, we laughed, we ate, we lounged, we hiked, we explored and we stayed up late every night. It was a wonderful few days! As we caught up with each other and shared the latest goings on in our lives, we learned that one of the friends is a LuLaRoe consultant. What is LuLaRoe? A clothing company that carries a variety of comfortable clothing items from leggings to shirts to dresses to skirts. This friend generously brought an assortment of leggings and we each got to choose a pair to take home! What a fun surprise! The above pictured leggings are the ones that I chose. I love the tropical pattern and the bold, vibrant colors! My friend mentioned that LuLaRoe only makes 5,000 items in each pattern. 5,000 of one pattern spread across the entire United States! It is very unlikely that I will ever run into another person wearing this same pattern of leggings! How awesome is that?

Anyway, as we chatted, she mentioned that she takes pictures of her clothing items for her own social media and web site pages and she wondered if the SHOTBOX would be a good fit? Of course would be! The folded leggings fit nicely in the 14 x 14 box and the top shot feature is perfect for a photo that best shows off the pattern in the clothing. There is no distortion in the pattern from holding the camera at an angle because the camera sits on top of the box, parallel to the item below it. There are no shadows from a phone, camera, arm or body across the leggings because the light source is all contained inside the box. You can zoom out to show the scale of the pattern on the leggings and zoom in to show the finer details as I did above. I'm sure my friend will want to get pictures of herself or someone else actually wearing the clothing and obviously the SHOTBOX won't work for that but it is a great tool for LuLaRoe products as shown above. Here's hoping that the SHOTBOX can help her show off her clothes in the best possible light and that her LuLaRoe business is a great success!

Go to to learn more about the SHOTBOX.

Shot with SHOTBOX and my Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone.

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My name is Jodie and I am a wife and mother of four. I love to bake, craft, travel, exercise, hike and explore new things. I'm excited to use the SHOTBOX to highlight my creations and to show you how this simple tool can bring light and life to your passions too.

The SHOTBOX is a collapsible tabletop studio that uses high powered LEDs to create a perfectly lit “micro-studio” environment. They are now taking pre-orders to be delivered for Christmas.

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