Monster Corner Bookmarks

Monster Corner Bookmarks

Aren't these corner bookmarks so cute? When I came across the tutorial, I knew that I wanted to try to make one. They were so fun and easy to make that one quickly turned into two! Now I need to teach my kids how to make them. Maybe I'll even volunteer to teach this to my daughter's 4th grade class! What kid couldn't use a bookmark like this?

Monster Corner Bookmarks

I am always looking for ways to use scraps of paper. It seems like the more projects I do, the more scraps I create and I hate to throw away scraps because they can be used in so many fun ways! Anyway, in my search for paper crafting projects, I came across Red Ted Art. This site is full of fun craft projects for kids. The project that caught my eye, of course, was the Corner Bookmark. There are many different styles and designs to choose from but the monsters were perfect for this time of year so I selected that design and was directed to a video tutorial for the project. The video tutorial was fun to watch and easy to follow and within 10 minutes, I had my first corner bookmark done! I used cardstock because that is what I had on hand but a thinner paper would be easier to work with and you would get cleaner fold lines. The fun thing about this Monster Corner Bookmark is that you can follow the basic instructions but then use your own creativity to create the final look. You can change the colors, the shape of the eyes, the cut of the teeth, add ears or horns or whatever you can think to do! I hope you have as much fun with this project as I did!

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