Melted Crayon Pumpkin

Pumpkin Decorated with Melted Crayons

I came across this pumpkin decorating idea as I was browsing through Pinterest and I knew that it was perfect for me for three reasons...

1. I had a not quite ripe pumpkin in my garden that needed something besides the traditional carving.

2. I had lots of crayon stubs left over from years of elementary school projects.

3. I am not artistic so painting a pumpkin and carving a pumpkin are not my idea of fun.

But melting crayons? I can do that! So I set about gathering my supplies.

Melted Crayon Pumpkin Supplies

I went out to the garden and picked my pumpkin. I dug through the crayon box to find broken pieces and crayons with stubby ends in all of my favorite halloween colors. I grabbed some glue and my blow dryer. In a matter of minutes, I was ready to go!

I peeled the paper off of the crayons and glued them to the top of my pumpkin (because they will not stay in place once that blow dryer starts blowing). Then I left to run a few errands while my glue dried. A tackier glue than the traditional white Elmers probably would have worked better but most of the glue was dry enough to hold the crayons in place after an hour.

Ready to Melt the Crayons

Before I started melting the crayons, I covered my counter with an old table cloth to catch any drips and overspray and believe me, there was a lot! I also put on an apron to protect my clothes from flying globs of melted wax. I was ready to get started!

I put my blow dryer on the highest heat setting but on a low air flow so that the crayons would start to melt enough for the hot wax to firmly secure them to the top of the pumpkin. Once the crayons were nice and stable, I upped the air flow and the crayons really started to melt! About half way through the melting process, my husband mentioned that we have a heat gun. Why did I not know this already? So he rummaged around and found the heat gun and guess what? It worked even better than the blow dryer! It provided all of the necessary heat without the hurricane force air flow, therefore a lot less spatter and overspray and wasted crayon wax! But if you only have is a blow dryer, that works great too. Just be prepared to make a mess!

It was fun to see the colors swirl together and melt into each other. I enjoyed the different drip patterns down the side of the pumpkin. I love that this project was easy to do and used items that I already had on hand. And now that I have decorated a pumpkin, maybe my kids won't insist that I carve one with them!

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Shot with SHOTBOX and my Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone.

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