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Give Thanks Pillow & Pilgrim

Nothing screams the 90's quite like this stylized toll painted wooden pilgrim shelf sitter. From the colors chosen to the heart cheeks to the curly rayon hair to the stippled accents to the dashed lines around the edges, this is definitely a 90's creation! I hesitated to use it for this post because it is so dated! But at the same time, I am quite proud of it because as a non-artistic person, I painted that! It has been 20 years since I painted that but still...I did it! If you had shown me the finished project and told me that I created that, I would have said, "No way!" But I took a class. I followed the instructions. I perservered despite my doubts. And I think the finished project turned out great! So today I Give Thanks for people with true artistic abilities that can lead and guide those of us who struggle in that area. I give thanks for proof of things that we do that are hard. I give thanks for stepping outside of comfort zones and trying new things. I give thanks for a life to live, things to experience, learning and growth! There is much to be thankful for and I am glad that November reminds us of this fact!

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Photo shot with SHOTBOX and my Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone.

Below you can see the setup inside the box. The lights are turned off in order to capture the details of the exterior features of the SHOTBOX. I have a piece of oak shelving as my base and a wallpaper sample clipped to a board as my background. I used the sideshot arm to give additional light from the front of the box.

Give Thanks Setup

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My name is Jodie and I am a wife and mother of four. I love to bake, craft, travel, exercise, hike and explore new things. I'm excited to use the SHOTBOX to highlight my creations and to show you how this simple tool can bring light and life to your passions too.

The SHOTBOX is a collapsible tabletop studio that uses high powered LEDs to create a perfectly lit “micro-studio” environment. They are now taking pre-orders to be delivered for Christmas.

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