Japanese Wooden Art Cat

Finished Wooden Art Cat

Our family hosted a Japanese foreign exchange student this past week. We we fortunate to be paired with an incredible young man who is kind, considerate, adventurous, thoughtful, intelligent and he speaks very good English. It is a Japanese custom to give gifts in situations like this. Our student knew a little bit about us from the profile that we filled out so he knew that we have a cat as a pet and he knew that I like to make crafts. Based on that information, this ki-gu-mi kit is the gift that he presented to me. I was very touched by his efforts in finding a gift that matched my interests! What 15 year old boy does that?

Stages of Wooden Art Cat

When I accepted the gift, I had hoped that we could make this Japanese wood craft together but our time was short and before I knew it, he was heading home. I was nervous about making this craft on my own as I had no idea what the instructions would be like. I was afraid that they would be written in Japanese characters that I would be unable to understand. I was so relieved when I opened the packaging and found an illustrated instruction sheet! It was very thorough and easy to follow and it did not take long for me to assemble this 3D cat. It is proudly displayed on a shelf in my office. This is a gift that I will always cherish as it brings back memories of our unforgettable experiences with our foreign exchange student.

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Photo shot with SHOTBOX and my Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone.

Below you can see the setup inside the box. I used the black backdrop as my background and added a piece of Japanese fabric to give some color and interest to the base. I used the Sideshot arm for additional front lighting but I did not use it to hold my phone because I wanted the freedom and mobility to hold my phone myself so that I could quickly and easily zoom in or out and get different camera angles. I inserted the Sideshot arm into the hole on the left side of the top of the box so that the arm/light would be off to the left side, leaving me room to take my pictures from the front, center area of the box.

Shotbox Setup for Wooden Art Cat

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