Using Anti-Glare Shields

School Picture With & Without Shields

My son's scout leader texted me the other day, requesting a recent picture of him for their troop directory. I could have texted him a random picture that I had on my phone but my son tends to make crazy faces as soon as I snap a pic or have out of control hair or have his eyes closed or a combination of all three. For whatever reason, he does not cooperate when I try to take a picture! He thinks it is funny to mess up my perfectly planned shots! It frustrates me to no end and I have said, "Can't we just take a normal picture?" more times than I can count! With that in mind, I was not going to waste my time scrolling through my pictures to try to find a decent one when I could quickly snap a picture of his school pics using my SHOTBOX. It only took me a few seconds to lay my picture in the SHOTBOX, set my phone on the top and take the first picture. Even though my son's school picture has a matte finish, it still picked up a lot of glare from the bright lights within the box and I wasn't thrilled with that look so I grabbed the two anti-glare shields to soften the lighting.

Anti Glare Shields

The anti-glare shields are two strips of plastic that have 4 magnets that attach to the screws that hold the lights in place at the top, inside of the SHOTBOX. Because they are magnetic, they are easy to put on and take off so it only took me a few more seconds to attach the shields and snap a new picture. The difference is incredible! The picture with the shields has a softness about it and it looks like it was touched up compared to the non-shield picture. If I hadn't taken the pictures myself, I wouldn't believe that they were both taken inside the SHOTBOX and with the same camera and without using any filters or touchups! The right lighting makes all the difference! Sometimes you need the brighter, direct light and other times the softer, filtered light works better. It's nice that it is so easy to try out both options to see what works best!

Go to to learn more about the SHOTBOX.

Photo shot with SHOTBOX and my Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone.

Below you can see the setup inside the box. The black backdrop was still in the SHOTBOX from my last shoot so I left it there and laid my son's school picture on the base. I used the center topshot hole to take the picture. I did not need the added light of the side shot arm nor did I need it to take the pictures. I laid the anti-glare shields next to my son's 8x10 picture for you to see their size and what they look like. The 4 round protrusions on each shield hold the magnets that attach the shields to the screws at the top, inside portion of the box.

Shotbox setup

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