Goodbye, Galaxy S5!

Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone

It is with mixed feelings that I say goodbye to my Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone. I was hoping that it would last until the S8 comes out sometime in 2017 but in the last few weeks, it went downhill fast. It started shutting down for no particular reason. It started exiting out of apps when I was using them. Sometimes it wouldn't ring when I got a call. The time that it took to open an app or my camera or my photo gallery was getting ridiculously long. The battery life was so diminished that I was charging it 3-4 times a day. I tried buying a new battery to see if that would extend my phone's life but that didn't help at all. Because it was working so hard to stay alive, it was constantly hot and I worried that it would catch fire in my hands! The idea of holding out for the Galaxy S8 was not an option so I started researching phones. It probably would have been easiest to go with the Galaxy S7 but my husband has that phone and I wanted something different so I opted for the Moto Z Force. Here's hoping that it is as good to me as my Galaxy S5 has been! Here's also hoping that someone comes out with a case that is as cute as the one I have on my Galaxy S5!

PS...In trying to decide which category this post best fit into, I decided that it should go under Family History and Keepsakes because my beloved phone is now history to me and some day, my grandkids will be amazed that we had to deal with such archaic technology!

Go to to learn more about the SHOTBOX.

Photos shot with SHOTBOX and my Moto Z Force Smartphone.

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