Silver Christmas Ornament Background/Wallpaper

Silver Christmas Ornaments

If you are looking to make a custom background for a screensaver, cover photo, wallpaper, invitation and so much more, you may have everything that you need in your home already! Maybe you have your own favorite ornaments, candles or figurines as the subject with a piece of tinsel, a pine bough or a piece of fabric as the base. Use what you have and use what you love! For this particular photo, I used 5 silver, glass ball ornaments, a packet of fake snow and a few pieces of red 12" x 12" cardstock. I think the resulting image is perfect! Simple, elegant, fun and festive! It is just what I was wanting for a new Facebook Cover Photo and would be perfect for an invitation to a holiday gathering as seen below.

Silver Christmas Ornaments Invitation

Simply add your text and you are ready to email, message, post, or print! Your beautiful invitation is sure to catch the attention of each of the lucky recipients!

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Photo shot with SHOTBOX and my Moto Z Force Smartphone.

Below you can see the setup inside the box. I used a red, vinyl background as my base and three pieces of matching red cardstock that formed walls around the ornament setup. It was a bit tricky to get each of the pieces of cardstock to stay standing but my patience and determination won out and I was able to get the shot. I did a little bit of photoshopping to smooth out the areas where the cardstock corners meet (I will add a tutorial in a future post). I simply poured out the fake snow and created a mound that would allow me to set the ornaments in it so that they didn't roll sideways or off the set. It's as simple as that! I used the sideshot arm with the additional front lighting to better illuminate the set.

Silver Christmas Ornaments Setup

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