Playing Card Photo Ornaments

Playing Card Ornaments

Playing Card Ornament Instructions

1. Take two playing cards and cut out the area that has the logo on the back. My particular deck of cards had two boxes with the logo. I cut out the two smaller boxes for one side of the ornament and I cut one large box for the other side of the ornament. (Thank you, Eureka Casino in Mesquite, NV for the free decks of playing cards!)

Eureka Playing Card

2. Decide if you are using one larger photo or one or two smaller photos. Cut the photo(s) so that they are slightly larger than your cut out opening.

3. On the back side of the card, put glue around the cut out opening that will hold your photo(s). Adhere your photo(s) so that they are centered in the appropriate opening.

4. Cut a piece of white cardstock slightly larger than the remaining opening(s).

5. On the back side of the second card, put glue around the cut out opening that will hold your cardstock. Adhere your cardstock so that it covers the entire opening.

6. Have the person who's picture is being featured on the ornament write their name, the year, draw a picture, stamp their fingerprint, or whatever you want to have them do to personalize the ornament.

7. Glue the two finished sides of the playing card ornament together, back to back, so that the finished sides are showing.

8. Take a hole punch and punch holes, evenly spaced, around the outer edge of the card. I punched 4 holes along the short side of the card and 5 holes along the long side of the card. Keep in mind that the corner punches are counted in both the short and the long side of the card.

9. Cut a 22" length of ribbon. Starting at the top, center hole, leave a 4" tail of ribbon sticking out and lace the rest of the ribbon through the holes, ending at the top, center hole. You should have two 4" tails of ribbon sticking out. Tie them together to form a loop. Trim off any excess or uneven ribbon.

10. Hang your adorable, new Playing Card Photo Ornament on your Christmas tree and enjoy it for years to come!

Edit: I did this craft with my daughter's 4th grade class. They loved it! And they loved taking pictures of their creations in the SHOTBOX! Of the 35 students in the class, 24 of them took pictures. I wish I could have gotten a picture of them lined up to use the SHOTBOX but they were using my phone to take pictures of their creations! I blurred out the faces of the students to honor and protect their privacy. See my Photoshop tutorial if you want to know how to do this.

Go to to learn more about the SHOTBOX.

Photo shot with SHOTBOX and my Galaxy S7 Smartphone.

Below you can see the setup inside the box. I wanted a top shot of the Playing Card Photo Ornaments so I didn't need any extra props in the background. I wanted the ornaments to stand out against the background so I used the black backdrop. I used the light shields so that there would not be a glare on the photos or the shiny surface of the cards.

Playing Card Photo Ornament Staging

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