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Blurred Out Face

My daughter is a 4th grade teacher...the cutest, funnest 4th grade teacher ever! I am lucky enough to be able to go into her classroom once a month and teach her kids a new craft. Our latest creation was this Playing Card Photo Ornament. After their craft is completed, the kids are always excited to be able to take a picture of their project using the SHOTBOX. I wish that I would have gotten a picture of the long line of kids waiting to SHOTBOX their creations but alas, my phone was being used for said SHOTBOX pictures. This month, the project involved photos of the students, which I can not post on this blog for privacy reasons. My solution? To blur out the students' faces in Photoshop. Here's how I did it.

1. Paste or import your photo into Photoshop.

2. On the side bar, select the Blur Tool icon that looks like a raindrop, 13 icons from the top. In the above picture, there is a yellow circle around the Blur Tool.

3. Move your cursor so that it hovers over the area that you want to blur. A small circle will appear where your cursor would normally be.

4. Click your mouse and start moving that circle back and forth, side to side, over the area that you want to blur. The features and dimensions of the area that you are moving your cursor over will start to blur. The blurring will only occur if your left mouse button is clicked. When you release the button, the blurring will stop.

5. With the left mouse button clicked, continue moving the circle back and forth, side to side, until you are happy with the amount of blur that you have created.

6. If you are unable to create enough blur, select the Stamp Tool, 9 icons from the top on the side bar. In the picture below there is a yellow circle around the Stamp Tool.

Blurred Out Photo

7. Hold down the ALT key and click your cursor on an area of your photo that matches the color of the area that you are blurring. A circle will appear in this area. Release the ALT key and click your mouse on the area that you would like to blur. A circle will appear here and the area where you clicked on originally will have + on it. As you move your cursor back and forth, side to side, you will notice that the + mimics the movements of the cursor. The colors and attributes from the + area are being copied or stamped in the area where your cursor is.

8. Make sure that the + stays in an area that you want to copy by stamping a small section, adjusting where the + is by hitting ALT and clicking in the desired area again and then releasing the ALT key and blurring and stamping some more. Readjust the Stamp Tool as many times as you need to in order to get the look that you want.

9. If the + happens to go to an area that you do not want to copy and you get a color or texture that you don't want, simply hit CTRL Z and whatever you just did will be undone.

10. Contine blurring and stamping until you get the look you want.

Below is a compilation of a few of the Photo Ornaments to show the kids' creativity. The student's faces have been blurred out. The teacher's face was not.

Card Ornament with Faces Blurred

Go to to learn more about the SHOTBOX.

Photo shot with SHOTBOX and my Galaxy S7 Smartphone.

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