Hot Glue Snowflakes

Hot Glue Snowflake Decorations

Who knew that you could make art and decorations out of hot glue? Not me until I stumbled up a picture of a snowflake made out of hot glue while I was searching for something completely unrelated. Inspired by the picture, I pulled out my supplies and dove into my attempt at making my own hot glue snowflakes. I really should have taken the time to read a tutorial because there is definitely a learning curve to the process. Reading someone else's tips and tricks would have been helpful but I'd say that the snowflakes turned out pretty good for a first attempt.

Hot Glue Gun Snowflakes Instructions

Hot Glue Gun Snowflake Instructions

1. Gather your supplies

-Hot Glue Gun

-Hot Glue Sticks

-Parchment Paper or Wax Paper

-Nail Polish

-Snowflake Template (Here's the one I used)

2. Plug in your hot glue gun so that it will start to warm up.

3. Print your snowflake template.

4. Tear off a piece of parchment or wax paper that is about the size of your snowflake template and layer it over the top of the template.

5. Trace the lines of the snowflake with your hot glue gun. A few things that here helpful to me...

-Hold the hot glue gun with both hands. This will give you extra strength and help you keep the glue gun steady, resulting in straighter lines.

-Hold the tip of the hot glue gun slightly above the paper and allow the line of hot glue to fall onto the paper as you trace the lines rather than touching the tip to the paper. This will also result in straighter lines.

-Trace the longer, main lines of the snowflake first.

-Add the shorter lines of the snowflakes afterward, making sure that they attach to the longer, main lines.

6. Allow your snowflake to cool.

7. Peel your snowflake off of the parchment or wax paper. (I did not do this. I waited until after I had painted the snowflakes and my fingers were a mess due to trying to peel the snowflake off before the nail polish was dry. I wanted to peel it off while the nail polish was wet so the excess polish remained on the wax paper rather than drying attached to the snowflake.)

8. Choose your favorite colors of nail polish and paint your snowflake. Be sure to put the snowflake back on the wax paper or on a paper plate or a piece of newspaper or something that will catch the extra nail polish.

9. Peel your painted snowflake off of your backdrop paper, plate, newspaper, etc, leaving the over paint behind on the backdrop.

10. Lay your snowflake on a clean backdrop and allow the nail polish to dry.

11. Enjoy your cute hot glue snowflakes!

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Photo shot with SHOTBOX and my Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone.

Below you can see the setup inside the box. I tried several different backgrounds before I decided on this piece of dark blue floral wallpaper. I tried a white, rustic fence, a light aqua and gold textured background, a dark blue piece of wallpaper with silver and white stripes, and a black, a silver and a white sling style backdrop. None of them were quite right. This particular piece of wallpaper gave me the contrast that I was looking for between it and the candle and the bottle. It also went well with the darker snowflakes. I used a white piece of paper for the base and sprinkled fake snow on it for added texture and interest.

Hot Glue Snowflakes Staging

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