Calendula Infused Dog Paw Wax

Dog Paw Wax

Dog Paw Wax

6 oz Beeswax

6 TBSP Coconut Oil

6 TBSP Avocado Oil

6 TBSP Calendula Infused Olive Oil

1. Combine ingredients in a saucepan.

2. Place over medium heat, stirring until melted.

3. Pour hot oils into a container (allow oils to cool slightly if necessary).

4. Set in a cool place or in refrigerator until oils solidify.

5. Rub paw wax on the bottom of your dog's paws throughout the winter or whenever your dog's paws seem dry.

Calendula Infused Olive Oil

1 Cup Dried Calendula flowers/petals

8 oz Olive Oil

1. Place calendula flowers and petals in a glass jar.

2. Pour olive oil into the jar to completely cover the calendula flowers and petals. Add extra olive oil if necessary.

3. Place a washcloth or small towel on the floor of the crock pot.

4. Place the jar of calendula and olive oil on the washcloth and set crockpot to lowest setting.

5. Allow crockpot to warm the oil for 4-6 hours.

7. Remove jar of calendula and olive oil from the crockpot. Allow oil to cool.

8. Pour oil through a strainer and into a small container so that the oil ends up in the container and the calendula petals are left behind in the strainer. Press calendula flowers and petals gently against the side of the strainer, releasing the excess oil from the calendula.

9. Your calendula infused olive oil is ready to use for the paw wax recipe.

10. Discard oil soaked calendula.

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Photo shot with SHOTBOX and my Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone.

Below you can see the setup inside the box. I used a grey, vinyl tile as my base. Because I used the topshot feature, I didn't need a background so I just left the brick pattern that was there from my last shoot. The dog paw wax, itself, is very plain looking so I sprinkled dried calendula petals around the tin of paw wax to add visual interest. I used the sideshot arm for additional front lighting even though I took my picture from the top of the SHOTBOX.

Calendula Infused Dog Paw Wax Setup

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