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Bergen, Norway

My artist husband is providing me plenty of SHOTBOXing opportunities lately as he has been busy creating paintings for friends and family members. A couple of weeks ago, he decided that he was tired of all of the negativity that has been going on the past few months so he challenged his friends to step outside of their comfort zone and be kind or charitable or patient with someone that they would not normally associate with or have compassion towards. If his friends shared a few words about how this experience affected them, he promised to paint a 12x12 painting for them. In this way, he was able to use his talents to spread love, tolerance and understanding, thus making a difference for good in the world. The past few days, the responses have started trickling in and he has started painting. I am loving each one of his paintings and I look forward to photographing many more of them before he presents them to the recipients.

This particular painting is for a friend from Norway and is a scene from the town of Bergen. The painting has a glossy finish so when I took the initial picture, there was quite a glare from the bright lights within the SHOTBOX. The glare is noticable enough that it is hard on the eyes and very distracting (see picture below).

Bergen - No Anti Glare Shields

Wanting to see how much of a difference the anti glare shields make, I put on one shield and snapped a picture. The glare was completely gone from the right side of the painting, the side where I had applied the shield (see picture below).

Bergen - Right Side Anti Glare Shield

Seeing what a difference the shield made, I added the second shield to the left side of the SHOTBOX and got my final photo (see first picture at the top of this page). It is amazing that a 1 1/4" x 14" piece of plastic can make such a difference to the overall look of the final picture! Thank you, SHOTBOX, for developing such an invaluable tool!

Go to to learn more about the SHOTBOX.

Photo shot with SHOTBOX and my Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone.

Below you can see the setup inside the box. I simply laid the paining on the base of the SHOTBOX and took a picture using the TOPSHOT feature. So easy but so effective!

Bergen - SHOTBOX Staging

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