Kindness Project Paintings

6 Paintings by Douglas J Larson

A few weeks ago, tired of all of the negativity on social media and in the news, my hubby put out a challenge to his friends on Facebook. He said, "To any and all: This hand-painted piece (the unsigned landscape in the top, right corner), or a different one from me, can be yours. Here's all I ask for you to do: Reach out to someone who......may not align with your views (politically, religiously, whatever). Perhaps they are someone you wouldn't normally approach. Touch or serve them in a way that only you can. Make it personal and meaningful. a STRANGER in need (not an acquaintance or family member) and touch or serve them in a way that only you can (5 bucks to a beggar on the street doesn't count). Make it personal and meaningful. AFTER you have done this, send me a personal message with only the following: one or two words describing your experience, and your address so I can mail the painting to you.That's it! PS - I hope I'm painting a lot in the near future." And as you can see, he has had multiple responses. It has been touching to read the responses that come in and to see how giving service and kindness touches not only the recipient but also the giver. The hope is that as people see these paintings on their wall, they will be reminded of the service that they gave or the kindness that they showed and how it made them feel and that they will be inspired to continue to give of themselves. May we each be challenged to serve those around us and to make this world a better place, one opportunity at a time!

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Photo shot with SHOTBOX and my Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone.

Below you can see the setup inside the box. The first picture of the barn painting shows what the setup looks like when I layed the painting on the base of the SHOTBOX and used the topshot feature. I prefer this method because I can take the picture from the proper angle, the camera is steady as it lays on top of the box and I can line up the edges of the painting easily to keep it centered and straight within my camera viewfinder.

Top Shot of Barn Painting

The second painting of the beach is standing up against the back of the SHOTBOX. You can see that there are some perspective issues as the top of the painting is larger than the bottom of the painting in the photo. This is because the camera is being held at a slight angle and the painting is leaning slightly against the backdrop. It is hard to get a shot from straight on and to keep my hand steady at the same time so I don't usually use this method for 2D pictures.

Front Shot of Beach Painting

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