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Today is a happy day for me...March 1...the day that I officially feel like I have survived the worst of winter. The days are getting longer. The temperatures are getting warmer. The snow is turning to rain. Bulbs are starting to push their way out of the ground. Spring is just around the corner and I can feel it in the air! To celebrate this joyous day, I am excited to share a couple of pictures of some very lovely tulips. The pictures are similar but different and I can't decide which one I like best so I am posting both of them. I can't wait to add one of them as my Facebook Cover Photo! I am so thankful for beauty throughout the world and for the ability that I have to enjoy and appreciate it, whether it is in real life or through a picture that captures the essence and memory of the experience!


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Photo shot with SHOTBOX and my Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone.

Below you can see the setup inside the box. I cut the tulip stems short enough that they fit inside the box, put down a layer of greens, then layed the tulips on top. I used a light green background so that if it did happen to show in my picture, it would blend in with the greenery and not be very noticeable. I played around with shooting the picture from various angles as well as different front lighting options. In the final photos, you can see that one picture is brighter than the other because I used the additional front lighting from the Sideshot Arm. With such beautiful flowers, it really was hard to go wrong with this shoot!

Tulips Setup

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My name is Jodie and I am a wife and mother of four. I love to bake, craft, travel, exercise, hike and explore new things. I'm excited to use the SHOTBOX to highlight my creations and to show you how this simple tool can bring light and life to your passions too.

The SHOTBOX is a collapsible tabletop studio that uses high powered LEDs to create a perfectly lit “micro-studio” environment. They are now taking pre-orders to be delivered for Christmas.

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