Gallifreyan Pen Holder

Gallifreyan Pen Holder

My youngest son took a Junior High School woodworking class. He enjoyed all of the projects that he made but one project in particular had him extra excited. He would come home from school and tell me about a Dr. Who pen holder that he was making as a birthday present for a friend who was a fellow Dr. Who fan. I could never quite picture what he was talking about when he tried to describe the pen holder so I was pretty excited myself when he finally brought it home. And then he pulled it out of his backpack. I looked at it in confusion because it just looked like a series of scribbles and random lines. How in the world did this have anything to do with Dr. Who? I was expecting a TARDIS or a Sonic Screwdriver or something along those lines. I was not expecting a jumble of weird shapes! Seeing my confusion, he explained that this is a Gallifreyen symbol which reads, "Bowties are cool!" I was skeptical as to whether or not his friend would recognize the symbol but I was pleasantly surprised when he reacted with excitement and enthusiasm to the handmade gift and knew exactly what it meant! I guess that just goes to show who are the true Dr. Who fans and who is not!

Gallifreyan Bowties Are Cool

Above is a clearer image of what the symbol is supposed to look like. I think my Junior High School son did a great job!

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Photo shot with SHOTBOX and my Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone.

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