Army Memorabilia Using Lightsage Software

Army Memorabilia

My son is in the Army and several years ago, he was deployed to Afghanistan. I did not like the idea of him being in a war zone but he always assured me that he was safe and well. While he was there, he carried a United States flag with him everywhere he went. If he went running, the flag was flying on a pole. If he went out into the field, the flag was in his backpack. When he slept, it was by his bed. The flag was with him every step of his deployment. He finished his deployment in the fall of 2014. Shortly thereafter, I received this gift for Christmas - the very flag that my son carried to, from, and all around Afghanistan along with his patches. The gift brought tears to my eyes and will always be a treasure to me.

I have tried to SHOTBOX this shadowbox a couple of times. First, when I was new to using the SHOTBOX, but the reflective glass surface had way too much glare. Second, when the anti-glare shields came out but the shields simply removed the glare from the outside edges of the shadowbox and focused it more in the center. I am now trying for a third time, using the Lightsage software that the creators of SHOTBOX are developing. I am lucky enough to be able to test it while it is in Beta form. I am impressed with the results so far and I am sure that this software will be a wonderful tool for all SHOTBOX users! In this post, I will simply show you my results using the Lightsage software so keep scrolling down to see more pictures.

The first thing I did was take two pictures of the shadowbox. In the first picture (below), I only had the left side lights on. You can see a very distinct, white stripe from the glare of the lights along the left side of the shadowbox.

Left Side Lighting Illuminated

In the second picture (below), I only had the right side lights on. You can see a similar glare along the right side of the shadowbox.

Right Side Lighting Illuminated

I then copied each image into the Lightsage software and combined them to get the merged, glare removed image (below).

Glare Be Gone Applied

Once the images were merged and the glare was removed, I auto-adjusted the tint and the tone of the image. The image at the top of the page has both the auto-tint and auto-tone settings applied. Below, you can see just the auto-tint which makes the image a bit crisper and brighter or a little less muddy.

Auto-Tint Applied

Below you can see just the auto-tone, which lightens the image.

Auto-Tone Applied

While you do still see a bit of the reflection of the roof of the SHOTBOX in the blue of the flag, the end result is a much better image of my shadowbox. Hopefully, with a little more tweaking, the Lightsage software will be able to remove that reflection as well! I was using a super flat, super reflective surface so that does pick up more reflections than most items but still... I'll give my feedback and we'll see what the magicians at SHOTBOX can do!

Go to to learn more about the SHOTBOX.

Photo shot with SHOTBOX and my Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone.

Photo edited using Dagbolt/Lightsage for SHOTBOX software.

Below you can see the setup inside the box. I used a random box that I pushed up against the back wall of the SHOTBOX to help me line my shadowbox up straight. I used a notebook and a smaller pad of paper to cover a couple of the topshot holes so that there would not be as much of a reflection in the shadowbox glass. When I switched the side lighting, I moved the notebooks to the side that was illuminated. I took my pictures using the center topshot hole.

Flag Memorabilia Setup

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