Mossy Easter Bunny Wall Art

Mossy Easter Bunny Wall Art

I am loving this Mossy Easter Bunny Wall Art! For a non-artistic person, such as myself, this was an easy to make project that does not require a steady hand, crazy skills or large amounts of creativity. It was also fairly inexpensive. I purchased all of the supplies at Hobby Lobby for $16 total (I already had the spray adhesive and masking tape) and that allowed me to make two wall hangings since the canvases came in a two pack. I had plenty of leftover burlap and mossy mat to make at least 6 more wall hangings had I purchased more canvases. The canvases were only $2 each so if I had made 8 wall hangings, they have only cost $3.50 each. I ended up making two so they came out to $8 a piece with left over supplies for a future project. Not bad!

Mossy Easter Bunny Wall Art Supplies

Above you can see all of the supplies that I gathered to make this Mossy Easter Bunny Wall Art project but I will list them as well.

- Mossy Mat Peel 'N Stick

- 8x10 Canvas

-1/4 Yard Burlap Fabric

- Spray Adhesive

- Masking Tape

- Acryllic Paint

- Sponge Brush

- Burlap Flower

- Bunny Shape Stencil (google Easter Bunny Stencil and choose your favorite shape to print out)

Step by Step Instructions for Mossy Easter Bunny Wall Art

And in 8 simple steps, you are finished! I had my project done within an hour and that allowed time for the canvas to dry as well as for me to stop and photograph each step of the process in my SHOTBOX. Quick and easy but oh, so cute! I love it! This little craft will bring a fun pop of color and texture to my Easter Decor!

Go to to learn more about the SHOTBOX.

Photo shot with SHOTBOX and my Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone.

Below you can see the setup inside the box for the shot that I arranged with all of the gathered supplies. I used the Top Shot feature for this picture as well as all of the other step-by-step instructional pictures. There was no need for a colored background in any of the shots so for this picture, I simply laid the items out on the base that was already in the SHOTBOX. For all of the other pictures, I used the white canvas backdrop.

Mossy Easter Bunny Wall Art

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