Paper Plate Easter Basket

Paper Plate Easter Basket

If you need a last minute Easter Basket and you have a paper plate and a few other basic supplies in the house, here is a quick and easy option for you.

Paper Plate Basket Supplies

Simply take your paper plate and, using a ruler, draw four 2 inch lines from the edge of the plate towards the center. I found that if I lined the ruler up so that it intersects across the edge of the inner circle (as highlighted in yellow in the picture below), this gave me a good sized basket.

Edge of the Inner Circle Highlighted in Yellow

Make sure your lines are parallel to each other so that you get a properly shaped basket. Cut along the lines.

Cut Along Parallel Lines

Next, fold and crease the two longest sections of the plate.

Fold and Crease Longest Section

Then fold and crease the remaining, shorter two sections of the plate.

Then fold and crease the overhanging flaps of the plate so that they are lined up along the bottom edge of the longer fold. Tape them into place.

Add a ribbon for a pop of color and to make your basket look complete. Now you are ready to fill it with whatever goodies you have on hand. Quick! Easy! Functional! And I think, cute!

Finished Easter Basket

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Photo shot with SHOTBOX and my Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone.

Below you can see the setup inside the box for the completed and filled Easter Basket. I used a blue background from the Core Textured SBPrints collection and an oak board for the base.

Easter Basket Setup

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