Mother's Day Cards

Mother's Day Cards

Last Friday was my final craft day in my daughter's 4th grade class. Because it was a couple of days before Mother's Day, we made cards and candy bar wrappers as a gift for mom. Some of the kids really got into the project, putting great thought and effort into their words and their designs. Other kids hurried through the project and did as little as possible. Regardless of how much or how little effort was put forth by each child, I hope that mom enjoyed the gift. The collage above shows some of my favorite cards and candy bar wrappers. Some of the kids are great little artists. I will miss my monthly craft days with them!

Here is the link to the Mother's Day Card Template in case you are interested in printing out a card of your own.

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Photo shot with SHOTBOX and my Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone.

Below you can see the setup inside the box. I used a piece grey vinyl floor tile as my base and a piece of pink patterned wall paper as my background. In the past, we have always used the topshot feature for the 4th grade art project but this one was more conducive to a front shot. I let the kid's hold the camera and take the photos by themselves, which is why there are different angles for the different pictures. I did not use the sideshot arm because we were constantly changing the items that were inside the box and the sideshot arm would have gotten in the way.

Mother's Day Cards Setup

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