Ceramic Whistle

Ceramic Whistle

With the school year is coming to an end, my kids are coming home with backpacks full of papers, projects and school supplies as they clean out their desks and lockers. My son brought home this ceramic whistle that he made in his art class and surprisingly enough, I knew immediately what it is. It helps that I know my son and his interests because without that insight, I'm pretty sure I would have no idea what this is supposed to be! Can you tell what this odd shape is? No? Would pictures from all sides help? Let's take a look and see...

Ceramic Whistle From Different Angles

Here you go. A front, right side, left side and back side view of this handmade ceramic whistle. Now can you tell what it is? A bear? A sea otter? Swords sticking out of a clump of dirt? No, no, and no. Still no idea? Maybe a little bit of context will help.

Dalek Whistle

Now can you see it? If you are a Dr. Who fan, you may recognize that this is a Dalek Whistle. If you are not a Dr. Who fan, here is the whistle next to a plastic, toy dalek. My son was quick to point out that his whistle is based on a different version of a dalek but this gives you an idea of what he was going for. I think it is a great representation and I am proud of my son for making this ceramic project by hand. This is definitely an item that we will save and treasure!

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Photo shot with SHOTBOX and my Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone.

Below you can see the setup inside the box. I used three wood floor planks as my base and a piece of off white textured wallpaper as my background. I used the anti-glare shields because the whistle is very shiny and reflective. In the first two pictures in this post, I used a plain, white backdrop but I did not take a picture of the setup for those shots.

Dalek Whistle Setup

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