doTERRA Swag

doTERRA Swag

I have a part time job at doTERRA. Yesterday we were told that we were being given a new Nike Pullover so on my break, I headed downstairs to pick it up. After finding my size and thanking the employee on pullover passing out duty, I was directed to a line where I was handed a reuseable bag which was filled to nearly overflowing with an assortment of products. That was so unexpected! What a fun surprise! It felt like Christmas in June! doTERRA is an amazing company to work for and it is things like this that make me a loyal employee! Of course I wanted to share a picture of my freebies on Facebook so I set them all out on my kitchen table and snapped a picture.

doTERRA Freebies on my Kitchen Table

I like the layout and the setup of my stash of products but the lighting is so bad that all of the dark bottles just look like generic bottles of who knows what. Of course I was not satisfied with the results so I pulled out my SHOTBOX and started over. It was a bit tricky fitting it all inside the box but I worked my magic and the picture turned out great! Thank you, doTERRA, for the free products and for the SHOTBOX post material!

Go to to learn more about the SHOTBOX.

Photo shot with SHOTBOX and my Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone.

Below you can see the setup inside the box. I used the black SHOTBOX Panels Magnetic Board as my base and background...sort of. I wrapped my doTERRA reusable shopping bag over the top of the magnetic board to hold it in place as my background and I left the black surface of the magnetic board as my base. There was so much product to fit in that I could not get a good shot without getting the white sides of the SHOTBOX in the picture so I slid in two pieces of black 12x12 cardstock to hide the white sides of the box. It worked great!

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My name is Jodie and I am a wife and mother of four. I love to bake, craft, travel, exercise, hike and explore new things. I'm excited to use the SHOTBOX to highlight my creations and to show you how this simple tool can bring light and life to your passions too.

The SHOTBOX is a collapsible tabletop studio that uses high powered LEDs to create a perfectly lit “micro-studio” environment. They are now taking pre-orders to be delivered for Christmas.

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